The Jarvik 6 (EP)

by The Jarvik 6



Since childhood, he had experienced déjà vu frequently and with unusual intensity. It happened so often that, like an opium addict, he began to crave its brief and chilling paralysis. When a scene would unfold before him, familiar and terrifying in its banality, his legs would turn to jelly and he often had the desperate feeling that if he didn't lie down and clutch the earth, he would float into the atmosphere and disintegrate like a cloud. He came to imagine time as a hotel corridor, with each room representing a moment in his life. He went from one room to the next, following the numbers in order, but sometimes he skipped a room, accidentally, and arrived too early in his own future. In this strange and invisible room, he became a phantom, waiting for himself."

-Jim Gavin, author of Middle Men (Simon & Schuster)


released January 21, 2016

Matthew Byars (vocals, piano, guitar)
Clinton Doggett (vocals)
Beau Sorensen (guitar, MiniMoog, treatments, bass)



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