Shedding: 4 of 5 in 6 and 7 CD EP (WMD009)

by Shedding

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1 03:03
2 07:29
3 05:18
Local Bones 07:39
5 02:13
7 05:37


Like us in The Caribbean, Louisville’s Connor Bell leads a double life: one as a teacher, and one as an artist. And a prolific artist he is, releasing a lot of stuff on vinyl, CD, cassette, SoundCloud, and basically anywhere you can put music. All of it has a seeking quality, always searching the corners of sound to find something interesting, unexplored, or even sublime. Although there’s not aural evidence of it, this is a live set, yet the discipline and internal logic that are part of all of Shedding’s catalog is clear. An ideal listen for headphones and, if you can find one, sensory deprivation chambers. Hopefully it will provide a kind of inspiration for you to seek out your own corners, whatever and wherever they may be.


released July 24, 2015

Four of Five in Six and Seven

1. Untitled [14.11.11]
2. Untitled [14.11.11]
3. Untitled [14.11.11]
4. Local Bones [15.01.27]
5. Untitled [15.01.27]
6. Flock Studies [15.04.18, 15.01.27, 15.05.18]
7. Untitled [15.04.18]

(Live) sounds by Connor Bell, 2014 and 2015
Mastered by Connor Waldman


all rights reserved



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